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Friday, 26 January 2018

Design Recipes: How to use pillows to boost your home’s look

For many interior designers, toss pillows are not only a secret design weapon, but also the icing on the cake. Instead of being an afterthought, toss pillows can and should complete a color story, serve as an opportunity to bring in graphics and texture as well as serve as a prominent design accessory.



Confused how to display pillows? Well, you are not alone. Displaying pillows properly does require some thought and planning. Some general rules of thumb to keep in mind:
Be sure to start from the back and work your way forward.
Organize your pillows by size, with the largest pillows in the back and the smallest pillows in the front. A cascading layout in which the heaviest concentration of pillows is in the center and then the display becomes thinner on either end remains a popular trend.
What is especially en vogue right now is the use of pillows that are all the same height. Instead of using a series of pillows that are high and low, pillows that are all the same height and even the same color is a current popular trend.


How you arrange pillows can help make or break a room. Whether you like a looser look or one that is more rigid, it is helpful to have a plan.
First, sort all of your pillows by color, then by size. Experiment with different combinations. With sofas, it is OK to have an odd number of pillows on one side, or not, if you prefer a more symmetrical look.
One habit people often adapt is the desire to display pillows the same way every time they need to redress their pillow display, so having a method and routine will help create a cohesive and consistent look.


Pillows are considered to be portable design, meaning you can take them wherever you want. So why not have a little fun? Use toss pillows as an opportunity to introduce bold patterns and textures such as faux fur or metallics, and if you don’t like the look you can always try another space in your home.


The bedroom is one of the most common spaces where people want to display toss pillows. One popular trend is to dress a bed only using decorative pillows and place “sleep” pillows in a closet or under a bed, only to be used at night. In general, there are no rules. Beds are large, and as such, this is an opportunity where you can display a larger amount of pillows and not overwhelm. In general, two to three decorative toss pillows work well on a twin bed, five to six pillows on a full or queen bed and seven to 10 for king-sized beds. Looking to create a more traditional look?

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